byJen Zelen

Jen’s Small Business Solutions is fast and accurate bookkeeping, and more.

The past year has been nothing short of chaotic for businesses large and small. Businesses have experienced closures or have had to figure out remote work, really fast!

In the accounting industry, we were fortunate that our work translates online so easily.. In fact many bookkeepers including the team at Jen’s have been largely remote since before COVID.

When COVID happened and everyone went remote, we began to get inquiries from business owners who-

   needed updated or correct bookkeeping in order to apply for PPP loans and other assistance
   were suddenly adapting to remote work and WFH, and needed help moving their accounting systems online
   Brand new business owners, taking the step to start a new venture (very cool, as it is always a risk to open your own company, and more so in times of uncertainty)

Are you one of these business owners?

Do you have other questions about accounting systems, Quickbooks, payroll, referrals to a good CPA?

Let’s schedule 30 minutes here- always complimentary- and we hope to help you out  Calendly