Willamette DMM

Stressed out about bills or credit card debt?

  • Feeling like you make enough money, but don’t know where it goes each month?

  • Financial stress is a big issue in many people’s lives, and no wonder. The ease of getting and using credit and getting into too much debt, combined with the complexity of our financial lives can leave anyone confused and stressed out. Not to mention that a lot of people just aren’t “numbers people”- this makes it easy to ignore the problem, which in turn creates more stress

  • If this sounds like you, it might be time to talk to a daily money manager, and I would like to help.

  • With my clients, we tackle:

  •     • Getting your accounts into a software system to figure out income and spending patterns
        • Figuring out your biggest money stressors and how this affects you and your loved ones
        • Exploring your goals and dreams + setting up a financial plan to get there
        • Maintaining a level of organization, feedback and support to keep you on track

  • Give me a call or set up an appointment on my calendar, our first meeting is always free of charge

  • Click HERE for a meeting

  • Sometimes your parents or another loved one needs just a little help staying organized, in which case Willamette DMM can provide the following:

  •     • Bookkeeping and bill paying
        • Bank and credit card reconciliations
        • Research and resolution of incorrect or fraudulent transactions
        • Home employee payrolls
        • Coordinating with CPAs, attorneys and other professionals for tax preparation or resolving legal issues
        • Organizing and maintaining financial records

As founder, I have 18+ years experience working with small business owners, and have assisted these individuals or their family with personal financial issues. My experience supporting aging relatives taught me to navigate health insurance, long-term care and elder abuse situations with empathy and professionalism. I bring this experience to my work as a DMM, helping people be in control of their financial situation as they get older. Member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers; I maintain a working knowledge of good financial practices through seminars and other continuing education opportunities.

We help individuals and families remain in control of their finances by doing bill paying, bank and credit card reconciliations, coordinating with family members, CPAs or legal professionals, organizing financial records. With 18+ years experience in small business and family bookkeeping. Member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

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